World Bank President suggests to make additional facilitie for low income countries. "So beacuse of this crisis, and decreasing overseas development assistance or axport made proverty growth up faster in low income country. So that World Bank President suggested to make additional facilies." Indonesia financial cabinet minister said, Sri Mulyani, in the country palace, Jakarta,monday (16/3/2009)

Sri Mulyani said, emerging countries or include in middle income countries knowaday dtill in roll over risk, like the risk to make new dept, particularly in private sector.

But just the opposite, private sectore are in hard situation beacause the banking system in United State and Europe are under global crisis. So that they can not give them a new dept. So when the limit to pay the dept is over, they will ask to be paid instead off.

unfortunately, rolling over is impossible if the banking in United State still under global crisis. So the action is in G-20.

Sri also said that the financial minister or United State Timothy Geither explained the commitment of United Stated to approve detail planning and the resource we have.

Sri hope that the banking system in United State will be healthy soon so that she can borrow some dept again. Beside that, Sri also said, the facility to cover roll over risk should be made soon and it's going to be discussed further later.
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I believe you must be familiar with SLANK Band.Especially in Indonesia, SLANK Band is so famous and so close with the society and their fans which we know that by "SLANKERS". The lyric of SLANK'S songs is so real and many of the lyric talks about social and represent what the society in Indonesia wants and hopes to the government.Kaka, Abdi, Bimbim, Rido, dan Ivan maybe don't want always talk about love and romantic in their albums, it's so boring because so many bands group in Indonesia talks about love. So, SLANK wants to make it different and they made it. With their lyric in their songs, it can make Indonesia wake up from their long sleep and take more attention to the society and proverty. And one thing that we should take more attention, corruption! In Indonesia, corruption is so familiar and we should stop it! Please think about Indonesia, from old era until new era, coruption still exist. And also in this reformation era, corruption still exist. I really shame with Indonesia, I shy to stay and was born in Indonesia because my old generation gave me proverty and uncontolled economic and poor in politic. But we are as the next generation, should fix it.

Talk about Slank, some of the lyrics about government, police, and the staff of resident represents in MPR and DPR, make them angry and its not ethic. In the Lyrics, SLANK has critic them about corruption and the bad things happened in Indonesia. Related with the critic, the government, police, resident represent like DPR and MPR, and Profit Organization should not angry. They should accept this critic easily because if they feel not looks like what SLANK said to them, what for they angry..

It's mean the government, police, resident represent like DPR and MPR, and Profit Organization did it. It's so embrassed and not accepted.

Being perceive this comment, SLANK just stay cool, calm, and confidence. They don't care about what police, resident represent like DPR and MPR, and Profit Organization said as long as they are right and still in the right way. SLANK also has cooperate with KPK (Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi) to compaign about corruption and as represent of Indonesian voices. Here I will give you the lyric only for you:

Pernah kah lo denger mafia judi
Katanya banyak uang suap polisi
Tentara jadi pengawal pribadi

Apa lo tau mafia narkoba
Keluar masuk jadi bandar di penjara
Terhukum mati tapi bisa ditunda

Siapa yang tau mafia selangkangan
Tempatnya lendir-lendir berceceran
Uang jutaan bisa dapat perawan
Kacau balau … Kacau balau negaraku ini ..

Ada yang tau mafia peradilan
Tangan kanan hukum di kiri pidana
Dikasih uang habis perkara

Apa bener ada mafia pemilu
Entah gaptek apa manipulasi data
Ujungnya beli suara rakyat

Mau tau gak mafia di senayan
Kerjanya tukang buat peraturan
Bikin UUD ujung-ujungnya duit

Pernahkah gak denger teriakan Allahu Akbar
Pake peci tapi kelakuan barbar
Ngerusakin bar orang ditampar-tampar.

from the lyric above, you can take your own summary about Indonesia knowaday. So, if you interested you can download the song here.

The last but not least, for the next indonesia generation, please do the best for your country and never think about your own self. You should take care about the others and don't be selfish. Together we change Indonesia to be better!
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As we know, President general elections will be held in Indonesia in this 2009. So many politic party take participate in it. From, PDI P, Golkar, Demokrat, PPP, PKS, and many more politic party and from oldest to new comers of politic party, they really interested to change Indonesia to be better by their appointments but less in reality. And all of Indonesian also take participate to choose which is better for the nex president.

Talk about Indonesian, they will choose one of the best for them. But, there is unethical things will be happened. The things is "Abstain" or in Indonesia language will call that word by "golput/tidak memilih". So, to anticipate that, Majelis Ulama Indonesia or we familiar call that by "MUI", MUI will decide new rule about abstain in general elections. MUI said that all of Indonesian should choose one of them and don't be abstain. If you abstain, it will be so unethic because MUI claimed that forbidden (haram). Because in Islam, choose the leader is obligatory as long as the next leaders is accepted in regulation.

But, some Indonesian not allowed that new rule. There is pro and contra and will make the next president they choose will be not objective. Personally, I'm really disagree with the society whoes better choose abstain than choosing the next president in the General Elections. That's really unethic and so embarrassing.

What about you..??
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Obama and Palestine

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Humanity tragedy in Gaza Palestine is the biggest tragedy that happened in 2009. So many people died. From childs, man, woman, old man and woman, and so many society died because of the war. We don't know what exactly the reason to destroy Palestine. Many media said that because there is HAMAS organization located there. And Israel and also America can not tollerant with terorist and they will not forgive any terorist. As we know, so many financial lost because of terorist. Not only financial lost, but also so many people died. I thought you still remember with World Trade Center (WTC) tragedy in 11 September 2001. I thought WTC tragedy is the beginning of the war. All of us know that is really unethic and I, you, and all the people in this world can not accept that. We are so angry and will not forgive it.

A hope appears from selected president US that has inaugurated in January 20' 2009. Barrack Hussein Obama. All of the people in this world put their hopes to Obama to solve Palestine Tragedy. Like what he promised to us in his compaign to solve Palestine tragedy. And also will change middle east condition to be better and will hear all of muslims aspirations. The point to solve middle east problem by solving Palestine and Afganistan Tragedy. In the resolution of United Nations's security council to stop Israel military and stop unethic things that has made by Israel military. But, in the reality is not working well. Also IMSA (International Moslem Society of America) has been demonstrated to show their solidarity of Palestine tragedy, collect medicine, money, etc. Not only in US, but also in Indonesia and other country take participate in it. They try to give everything they has to help our family in Palestine.

About Israel Military, so many unethic that was made by Esrael while they try to destroy Palestine. Okay, here is the unethic things that was made by Israel Military :
  1. Kill Palestine Society impolitely (biadab)
  2. Using phosphorus bomb when Israel destroy Palestine. phosphorus bomb is very danger and has been banned by International Organization
  3. Attack United Nation's food storeroom in Gaza Palestine, and United Nation staff just silent.
  4. They put the Society in the prison and can not flee to other country.
  5. Etc.
Talk about Obama in his speech, he was not touched about Palestine. And many people sad to hear his speech about Palestine Tragedy. We suggest to you all to participate to remind Barrack Obama to prove his appointment by SMS to his private HandPhone (+1-202-540-3000). We hope after we remind him, it can be International Pressure for US President so Israel Military can be stoped and peace atmosphere bring to reality.
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Cloning in Islamic Perspective

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Generally, in this life, we have a rule to keep us in the right line and to keep us not to do the bad things. Also business ethic and islamic business ethic. Even we are in high level position in the organization, you still have ethic and rule to manage and point you to do the good things. With ethic, it can show you to do in a good life. Last night, I watch Mario Teguh Motivation in Metro TV Show, and I remember one think that really make me inspirated about ethic and freedom. Mario Teguh said, "you can ride or do everything you want freely in the line that limit you not to do the bad things like you ride in the road with the line limit you between left side and right side". In Indonesia language means, " Lakukan segala yang kamu sukai dengan bebas tapi harus berada di dalam batasan yang membatasimu untuk tidak berbuat sesuatu yang negatif sama halnya seperti pada saat kamu sedang mengemudikan mobil atau motor yang dibatasi oleh garis putih yang membatasi gerak lajumu antara jalur kanan dan jalur kiri".

If we look into Islamic Business Ethic, it's similar like business Ethic generally, but the differencies is the rule that applied in Islamic Business Ethic. In Islamic Business Ethic, islamic rule has been taking domination in it. In islam, we are not focused in communication with god only, but also with another human and the environment. Like in the Holy Al- Qur'an, "Hablum Minannas wa Hablum MinaAllah", It's mean you should have a good relationship not only with the lord of the world (Allah SWT) but also with the human and their environment.

Talk about Islamic Business Ethic, I have latest issue that very interesting and I thought it's good to be discused in this season, "Islamic Perspective on Cloning". As we move on to understand the ethical issues associated with cloning, at the center of the debate in Islam is going to be the question of the ways in which cloning might affect interhuman relationships. In large measures, Muslim concerns in this connection resonate the concerns voiced by Paul Ramsey about the social role of parenting and nurturing interpersonal relations. Islam regards interpersonal relationships as fundamental to human religious life. In fact, the Prophet is reported to have said that nine-tenth of religion constitutes inter-human relationship, whereas only one-tenth is God-human.

George Washington University Medical Center success research in duplicating genetically defective human embryos by blastomere separation in 1993, Manipulation of human embryos beyond IVF implantation in terms of their impact upon the fundamental general relationship between man and woman and the life-giving aspects of spousal relations that culminate in parental love and concern for their off-spring has been raised by Muslims questions. The Qur'an declares sex-pairing to be a universal law in all things. (51:49) Muslim focus of the debate on genetic replication is concerned with moral issues related to the possibility of technologically created incidental relationships without requiring spiritual and moral connection between a man and a woman in such embryonic manipulation. Can human advancement in biotechnically created relationships jeopardize the very foundation of human community, namely, a religiously and morally regulated spousal and parent-child relationship under the laws of God? Hence, the more intricate issues associated with embryo preservation and experimentation have received less emphasis in these ethical deliberations. To be sure, since the therapeutic uses of cloning in IVF appears as an aid to fertility strictly within the bounds of marriage, both monogamous and polygamous, Muslims have little problem in endorsing the technology. The opinions from the Sunni and Shi`i scholars studied for this presentation indicate that there would be almost a unanimity in Islamic rulings on therapeutic uses of cloning, as long as the lineage of the child remains religiously unblemished.

Besides the relationship issue, in the world dominated by the multi-national corporations Muslims, like other peoples around the globe, do not treat technology as amoral. No human action is possible without intention and will. In light of the manipulation of genetic engineering for hugenics in the recent history, it is reasonable for the Muslims, like the Christians and the Jews, to fear political abuse of the reproduction technology through cloning. With its emphasis on spiritual egality, Islam has refused to accord validity to any claims of superiority of one people over the other. The only valid claim to nobility in the Qur'an stems from being godfearing.

In Islamic Perspective, It is obvious that ethically cloning for purposes other than therapeutic lays enormously grave responsibility on humans in terms of genetic improvement of quality of human life, the authority that can make these decisions with necessary foresight and wisdom, and the criteria that can be used in evaluating the risks and benefits of such interventions. So, that’s the explanation if we look into Islamic Perspective. Islam has good reason and good rule related with Holy Al-Qur’an.
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Discrimination in Work Environment

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This season is about discrimination. Many sloping in the future than can be influenced to the woman status and minority in their work environment. One of the important thing is the fact that only few worker aplicant from white man society. Most of the new employee in the future is women and minority. Except if the big changes worked to fulfill their own need with their own characteristic, so they can not enter to the work environment pleasantly. We have already saw the programs which giving special help for woman and minority society based on morality consideration. Therefore, it's quite clear it related with future demoghraphy, highest need in business will push business environment to help women and minority society. Discrimination, there are three element that involve discrimination in employement :
  1. It is a decision againts one or more employee, that the reason is not based on individual merit, such as the ability to perform the job.
  2. The decision making or in part from racial or sexual prejudice, some kind of morality wrong, or wrong stereotype.
  3. The decison result has negative impact on the interest of the employee like they can loss the job.
Also cost and consequence can not help women and minority worker employee problem with their needs, not only feeled by women and minority. Unfortunately, if the business can not adapted with this problem, the business in worke environment will can not find the worker they need they will lost their employee in the future. Sum of white employee is to small for all of the business so that the business can not depend on them to fulfill the needs to apply expert positions and management. Most of business environment, has been applying the programs to prepare their slelf to response what women and minority wants. To responds what woman needs is many organizations provide them to be a babysitter with the flexible time . Another organizations applying aggressive affirmative program to integrate minority groups into the organizations and give them education, work training, conseling, and another help that can make them to be better.

About discrimination both of woman and men, the salary of men is higher than woman. But knowaday, there is not discrimination between woman and man. All of the right and liabilities is same, no more discrimination because in this modern era we knew things that we call “ Gender Allegiance”.
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The purpose of this cases is about ethical dilemmas that face the workers. Ethics at work and human resource management is about our connection and relationship with other and with the organizations. "Companies that place employees at the core of their strategies produce higher long term return to shareholder than o do industry", that was recent research founded. In developing a response to these concerns and though a relatively new area of research studies and evidences can have a significant impact on the emotion in their workplace. Also this impact will have an effect in productivity and loyalty as well as perception of care, fairness, and concern.


In a speech of Ethics Officer Association, John Challenger suggested thet we should consider planning, timing, notice, impact, and stock holde perceptions. And they argues the decision downsizing should be made by a representative group so that all stakeholder interest can be considered and to earn the trust of those who will be impacted. some might argues that a firm should give notice of downsizing as soon as that list is devised. When the firm decides to downsize, as with any other determination, it is critical to listen any unnecessary impact and allow the individual to depart with dignity. It can caused by downturns in the economy, some firms have survived decade after decade without any layoffs. One firm, has not layoff a worker in 20 years. However, the firm maintains a three-day work-week with an average wage $8.hour. When highest contracts come in, it expands to a seven-day work-week with $22/hour Other firms have entered into agreement with their workers where the firm promises not to terminate workers for reason of the economy as long as the workers agree to lower wage or decrease hour during ought period.


Discrimination is about determinate a group in social environment or underestimate to the strange population that makes them embrassing. After four decades of anti-dissemination laws on the books, one might be hard pressed today to find discrimination remaining in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. In fact, thought overt act of discrimination might be decreasing, cover forms of discrimination are still play. Additional research/studies reinforce these findings that bias on the job is also common. When any employment decision is made, discrimination exists. In fact, employers can, should and do discriminate based on perfectly acceptable grounds. You wouldn't find it strange or wrong for a business to require a human resources degree for applicants to a position as vice president of human resources.


There are two types of sexual harassment that fit within this broad prohibition :

1. Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo exists where a supervisor offers an employment benefit in exchange for sexual activity or where a supervisor refuses to give an employee deserved benefit unless she or engages in sexual activity.

2. Hostile Environment

Hostile Environment exist where the work environment is severely or pervasively altered such that a reasonable person would find it offensive or abusive.


Organization in every segment of business, industry, government and education are downsizing. The very act of forcing people to leave their employement is rife wth ethics-related question. Is downsizing ever ethical..?? The truth is that unless an organization was designed expressly and overtly for the purpose, it is not in business to provide employment. Job are the by-product of successful organizational endeavors, not their intended output. Furthermore, downsizing is not necessarily a desperate move on the part of failing organizations. It can be, and probably should be, a strategic choise designed to serve the best interest of an organization. We should not be constrained by the false belief that current organizational effectiveness or financial success is a de facto argument against doing what is necessary to ensure continuing success. A health profit picture and downsizing are not mutually exclusive.

In this case, there is some issues that related with Ethics and Human Resource Management. There is some issues, like :

1. Discrimination on Grounds of Race, Sex, and Age
2. When Fear of Firing Deters Hiring.

Talk about “ When Fear of Firing Deters Hiring”, it’s very interesting issues that discrimination also include in it. Managers tread on swampy ethical terreain when they allow fear of possible problems to deter them from hiring apparently capable minority applicants, or to hestitate so long over a decision that a candidate loses interest. From 1997, surveys that vote about discrimination suits it results 53% said their organizations had been sued at least once by former employees in yhe last years. Most of 616 suits, they involved claims about discrimination. Another underlying problem caused of this issue is manager who are poor at managing. Some manager afraid and can not take a confidence decision to fire anyone. To avoid hiring problem employees from anygroup, managers just need to do a good job of checking resumes, identifying the time gaps and verifying simple facts.

I thought we should decrease this issues and try to allow differencies both of white skin and black skin.

What about Indonesia, is it happened in Indonesia..??

The answer is Yess. Why..?? This issue also happend but not because of white or black skin problem. In Indonesia usually happened Discrimination conflict when we compare it with highest and lower position in the company or organization, and also between rich society and poor society. It’s bad but it’s happened.

Guys, do you have any idea to solve this conflict…??
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Sincerity or Honest...
What do you think..??

Know day, Indonesia has perpetuate a positive thing and we know that things with Sincerity Cafe. Even Indonesia has bad image because of corruption and unethic thinks they made, but Indonesia still optimist and want to enhance thair image for another country generally and for society in it self specifically. Sincerity Cafe is working in many school in around Indonesia zone and succed in many province. For Example like in the schools in Riau.

The creator Sincerity Cafe is Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi (KPK). Based on KPK, The KPK hopes by this program can create the honest and responsibility generations in Indonesia and can be a good leadership in the future, and also can decrase corruption, crimanily , and unethic thinks in Indonesia. The government tried to teach honest and responsibility from young to motivate them to be great personality and care each other when they will growth up in the future.

I thought not only in Riau, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) has been applied this program into many school. I will show you an example is SMAN 2 Banda Aceh. SMA in Indoensia means Senior High School in other country. Sincerity Cafe in SMAN 2 Banda Aceh is working well. It's very good for the the next generation to make them be better and different like their old geneations. After Sincerity Cafe has succed in SMAN 2 Banda Aceh, the government will apply Sincerity Cafe into another school. I'm optimist, it can make the next Indonesia generations will have good personality.

Are you agree with me..??
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Talk about Ethic if we compare it to our culture in Indonesia, I thought so many unethical that has been doing by Indonesian. Actually,I don’t want to tell you one by one what exactly the bad ethic in Indonesia, but because I have a homework about “what unethical things that happened in my country generally and my daily life specifically”, I will tell you.

1. Copyright. As we know, when you has created a book, you must have copyright to protect your creation in law environment. Most of original books is expensive and some of society and the student doesn’t have money to buy the original one. So that, most of student in the school and university copy it and they don’t care about copyright and business ethic. As long as chip and can e used in their daily live, they will copy or buy the unoriginal book. And also for illegal software or else..

2. Plagiarism. Talk about plagiarism, if we looks into entertainment side, so many drama or music that has been copied by Indonesia Entertainment. For Example is D’Massive Band. You must be familiar with this band group. Five music that has been created by D’Massive Band is copied from famous band in the world like My Chemical Romance. If you don’t believe, ypu can check by your self. Not only from Band music, but also Indonesia Drama. I thought you still remember the best drama in Indonesia by the title “Catatan Nayla”, that drama is similar like Korean drama by the title “One Litre of Tears”. And so many more that I can not tell to you. I thought, both of the example is enough.

About copyright, I remember what was my Lecture said. He said that because we still need nonoriginal one because of the prize is chip so that we are as a student don’t care bout copyright as long as it takes advantages for us. Depend on you guys…

Now, about unethical things that happened in my daily life is about break agrrement. I mean, the lecture sometimes didn’t come to the class whereas they has determined the time with their student. Actually, I really don’t like that much. I can understand if the lecture late to come because of their job beside as a lecture. But, if the lecture has determined the time, and he/she ask us to waiting for him/her for a moment, than after we waiting him/her for about a half or one hour, unexpectedly, the lecture said he/she can not come. I thought that’s unethical. What do you thing if you were in my position as a student…??
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Twenty one century is a technology's world that in this century, there are so many innovation of technologies. Blog and website is already been familiar for us. In Indonesia, blog is famous now. We can see latest updae in different categories that we need. As we know, blog is the way to communicate with peoples by technology, share the information we need, and publish our best Idea and experience to the people around the world. With blog, we can find new fresh writer with their best idea in their mind. In blog we can write everything like economic, global warming, politic, hobby, and much more. With Blog also can decrease the cost of inventories. With blog, you don't need to spend your budget to buy papers and ink. With blog, you are just sit in front of your lovely laptop or computer and type your idea in your own blog, then pulish it! Done. That is easy, right..??

Even you puslish your idea into your blog domain, you should follow the rule. The rule that can limit you. You should have attitude, like not to hurt anyone in difference classes, culture, and different religion. There is one of the fucking blog that humiliate our lovely prophet Muhammad SAW. In their blog, they posted about the cartoon of Prophed Muhammad SAW that will hurt muslims when they/we see it. I thought that is immoral and really unforgiveness. I wish the owner of that fucking blog will be burned in the Hell. Amin...

For blogger, even you can posting your Ideas freely in the blog, you should hold and follow blog's regulation. Please, keep your attitude and take full responsibility to keep your posting in the right way before you posting your idea into your own blog.
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