I believe you must be familiar with SLANK Band.Especially in Indonesia, SLANK Band is so famous and so close with the society and their fans which we know that by "SLANKERS". The lyric of SLANK'S songs is so real and many of the lyric talks about social and represent what the society in Indonesia wants and hopes to the government.Kaka, Abdi, Bimbim, Rido, dan Ivan maybe don't want always talk about love and romantic in their albums, it's so boring because so many bands group in Indonesia talks about love. So, SLANK wants to make it different and they made it. With their lyric in their songs, it can make Indonesia wake up from their long sleep and take more attention to the society and proverty. And one thing that we should take more attention, corruption! In Indonesia, corruption is so familiar and we should stop it! Please think about Indonesia, from old era until new era, coruption still exist. And also in this reformation era, corruption still exist. I really shame with Indonesia, I shy to stay and was born in Indonesia because my old generation gave me proverty and uncontolled economic and poor in politic. But we are as the next generation, should fix it.

Talk about Slank, some of the lyrics about government, police, and the staff of resident represents in MPR and DPR, make them angry and its not ethic. In the Lyrics, SLANK has critic them about corruption and the bad things happened in Indonesia. Related with the critic, the government, police, resident represent like DPR and MPR, and Profit Organization should not angry. They should accept this critic easily because if they feel not looks like what SLANK said to them, what for they angry..

It's mean the government, police, resident represent like DPR and MPR, and Profit Organization did it. It's so embrassed and not accepted.

Being perceive this comment, SLANK just stay cool, calm, and confidence. They don't care about what police, resident represent like DPR and MPR, and Profit Organization said as long as they are right and still in the right way. SLANK also has cooperate with KPK (Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi) to compaign about corruption and as represent of Indonesian voices. Here I will give you the lyric only for you:

Pernah kah lo denger mafia judi
Katanya banyak uang suap polisi
Tentara jadi pengawal pribadi

Apa lo tau mafia narkoba
Keluar masuk jadi bandar di penjara
Terhukum mati tapi bisa ditunda

Siapa yang tau mafia selangkangan
Tempatnya lendir-lendir berceceran
Uang jutaan bisa dapat perawan
Kacau balau … Kacau balau negaraku ini ..

Ada yang tau mafia peradilan
Tangan kanan hukum di kiri pidana
Dikasih uang habis perkara

Apa bener ada mafia pemilu
Entah gaptek apa manipulasi data
Ujungnya beli suara rakyat

Mau tau gak mafia di senayan
Kerjanya tukang buat peraturan
Bikin UUD ujung-ujungnya duit

Pernahkah gak denger teriakan Allahu Akbar
Pake peci tapi kelakuan barbar
Ngerusakin bar orang ditampar-tampar.

from the lyric above, you can take your own summary about Indonesia knowaday. So, if you interested you can download the song here.

The last but not least, for the next indonesia generation, please do the best for your country and never think about your own self. You should take care about the others and don't be selfish. Together we change Indonesia to be better!

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On January 29, 2009 at 3:07 PM , John said...

Even I'm from America, I really care about Indonesia. Hope Indonesia will be better beacause of you.

Do the best for your country.

On January 29, 2009 at 4:00 PM , liza said...

what a nice blog pandri,..ngga nyangka semakin bagus aja blognya,..mantraaappp